Secrets from the Underground

Volume 5 Secrets from the Underground

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HYBRID 101: Volume 5
Pamela Stonebrooke
Hybrid Children & Shattered Paradigms
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Find out the secrets that these leading experts in the fields of Hypnotherapy have to say about their alien/human hybrid clients and the research they've gathered on this alarming phenomenon.

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Be the investigator and view these revealing,
raw and personal interviews with experts and
eyewitnesses who have experience with the
current and alarming Alien/Human hybrid
phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews
with leading experts, scientists and icons from
the world UFOology, A must have for every
serious UFO investigator library.
7 part DVD series


Pamela Stonebrooke
Hybrid Children & Shattered Paradigms
Volume 5

She is author of "Experiencer" a novel about her experiences
with the Reptilian Aliens "Diva" as she is know inside the UFO
community, has become a very controversial personality in
the underground. She vividly recounts numerous experiences,
she strongly believes involved having relationships with various
types of extraterrestrials; that produced several Alien/Human
Hybrid children. From overcoming the trauma and fear related
to her alien encounters, to realizing personal insights and
accepting her motherhood of what she refers to a new species;
Pamela, reveals all in this exclusive and rare interview.

Some of the subjects she covers include:
Her communication with shape shifting extraterrestrials.
Detail descriptions of her reptilian alien experience.
Being pregnant without having a human relationship.
Being introduced to several Hybrid children she believed to be her






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