volume 2 Steve Neill

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Steve Neill talks about the “subtle” alien take over and its possible benefits to mankind.
His encounters and the ramifications of  a hybrid race in our society.
Shares with us his friendship with a Human/Alien Hybrid child.

What might be the abilities of the aliens?

What Alien/Human Hybrids mean to our society.

Technology has leaped because of the intervention.


HYBRID 101: Volume 2
Abduction, Art & Hybrids
Steve Neill (visionary artist)

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Special effects artist and the creator of alien
images for BEYOND COMMUNION, Steve’s haunting
creations have sparked the past and current alien
merchandising craze. Steve relives his mystifying
abduction experiences through his chilling artwork.
This indepth, never-seen interview with one of the
icons of UFOlogy tells his abduction stories
through animation and illustrations that have been
sold world-wide. Steve shares a story with a
hybrid that he encountered and what the ramifications
of this hybrid race are to humanity.

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7 DVD Set
Be the investigator and view these revealing,
raw and personal interviews with experts and
eyewitnesses who have experience with the
current and alarming Alien/Human hybrid
phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews
with leading experts, scientists and icons from
the world UFOology, A must have for every
serious UFO investigator library.
7 part DVD series


An interview with UFO icon Steve Neill
Is this the end of the Human Race or
the beginning?

This DVD feels more like a conversation with the underground
rather than an interview. Brandon Scott chats with Steve, in his
California studio, on the social, and cultural implications of the
extraterrestrial’s intervention. Mr. Neill  is one of the greatest
thinkers and philosophers  from within the UFO underground on
matters pertaining to alien abductions and  Alien/Human/Hybrids.
His art shockingly  depicts  the intrusive alien  presence, and is
perhaps one of the closest renditions of what these aliens look
like; as seen  first handedly from those who have encountered
them. Steve discusses the  “subtle” alien  take over and its
possible benefits to mankind.

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