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HYBRID 101 Secrets from the Underground

HYBRID 101: The Investigator Series
Be the investigator and view these revealing, raw and personal interviews with experts and eyewitnesses who have experience with the current and alarming Alien/Human Hybrid phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews with leading experts, scientists and icons from the world UFOology. A must have for every serious UFO investigator's library.

7 part DVD/VOD series
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Budd Hopkins & Yvonne Smith
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hybrids
Volume 1

One of the most approved ways of finding out if you have been abducted is through the professional help of Psychologists and Hypnotherapists who specialize in these matters. The abduction experience is often traumatic and victims tend to be sometimes repressed or deny their abductions. Budd Hopkins is one of the pioneers and more experienced therapists in
this field working from the East coast. He is author of "Intruders" "Missing Time" and Witnessed". Hopkins shares his thoughts, research and tells about his investigations into the lives of alien/human hybrid clients that he has worked with. Yvonne Smith is founderof CERO (Close Encounters Research Organization). She specializes in alien/humanhybrid clients and victims of alien abduction. Her practice is in Los Angeles and her work is dedicated to this phenomenon. She shares some of her cases and the similarities to Hopkins's work on the East Coast.

This VOD is a rare interview of both Budd Hopkins and Yvonne Smith together. See what leading experts in the fields of Hypnotherapy have to say about their alien/Human Hybrid clients and the research they have gathered on this alarming phenomenon.

  Steve Neill (visionary artist)
Abduction & Hyrbids & Art
Volume 2

Is this the end of the Human Race or the beginning?
This VOD feels more like a poignant and intamate conversation with the mysterious, well known and rarely seen icon from the UFO underground. UFO Investigator Brandon Scott chats with visionary artist Steve Neill in his California studio about the social and cultural implications of the extraterrestrial intervention. Steve is one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers from within the UFO underground on matters pertaining to alien abductions and Alien/Human/Hybrids. His art shockingly depicts the intrusive alien presence and is perhaps one of the closest renditions of what these aliens look like; as seen first hand from those who have encountered them. Steve speculates on the "subtle" alien take over, its ramifications and possible benefits to mankind. He talks about his alien encounters and the presence of a real hybrid race in our society. Mr. Neill was one of the first people in the 80s to come out publicly and talk about his UFO encounters on National television.
This VOD is a rare, uncut interview with an important figure in the UFO underground.



Secrets from the Underground volume 3

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  James J. Hurtak Ph.D
Science & Mythology & Hyrbids
Volume 3
Contact with the Cosmic Cultures
We are very honored to present this special DVD featuring Dr. J.J. Hurtak. He is Founder and President of the Academy of Future Science and is one of the top respected Scientists and Researchers in the UFO field. He is also author of over twenty books and editor of "Consciousness, Energy ad Future Science". This DVD edition is part of our advanced
material on abductions and Alien/Human Hybrids. Dr. Hurtak speaks about:
Lower and higher Extraterrestrials, species hybridization, what the aliens look like, the generic reprogramming of the human race, our connection to the Genesis Experiment,
preparing for contact, Alien captured in Brazil, extinction or transformation of the human race, sacred languages, techniques for activation of the body, mind and spirit, and the hidden variable in overcoming negative UFO experiences.


Secrets from the Underground volume 4

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Cristianne Quiros
Psychological Research
Abductions & Hybrid Mothers
Volume 4
Psychological research & Hybrid Mothers
Cheri Woods: This is a very rare interview with a professional woman who has had encounters with extraterrestrials. Cheri has her own children she has raised in California and practices hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. She came to realize that she herself has been abducted by aliens and has had children by them. Cheri describes the aliens she encountered, her thoughts on being a mother of Alien/Human Hybrid children and talks about how she overcame her fear of abductions. Cristianne Quiros: stumbled upon the Alien/Human Hybrid phenomena when she decided to do her Ph.D dissertation on this subject matter. She was previously unexposed to this occurring in our society, she was surprised to find many woman who shared the experience of having been taken aboard an alien space ship, impregnated and later on shown their half alien, half human children. She shares startling information she gathered on these subjects and how real this phenomenon is in our society.


Secrets from the Underground volume 5

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Pamela Stonebrooke
Hybrid Children & Shattered Paradigms
Volume 5
She is author of "Experiencer" a novel about her experiences with the Reptilian Aliens "Diva" as she is know inside the UFO community, has become a very controversial personality in the underground. She vividly recounts numerous experiences, she strongly believes involved having relationships with various types of extraterrestrials; that produced several Alien/Human Hybrid children. From overcoming the trauma and fear related to her alien encounters, to realizing personal insights and accepting her motherhood of what she refers to a new species. Pamela, reveals all in this exclusive and rare interview.
Some of the subjects she covers include:
Her communication with shape shifting extraterrestrials.
Detail descriptions of her reptilian alien experience.
Being pregnant without having a human relationship.
Being introduced to several Hybrid children she believed to be her


Robert O. Dean
Hybrids & Military Coverup

Volume 6
It is unknown exactly how Bob Dean came to acquire the secret documents from SHAPE that exposes what the Military Intelligence agencies know about the Extraterrestrial Agenda. 
There is much controversy about the origins of these documents and whether they actually exist.   Top Secret materials are often cloaked in controversy and used as disinformation strategies to misdirect the public in case there is a leak.  With this in mind, this interview with Robert O. Dean exposes some of the conclusions that inside military personnel have been speculating about in regards to UFOs in the United States and Europe.  What is compelling is the data itself that Bob Dean presents, which does correspond with the findings of numerous
Scientists and Experts in the UFO Community.  His information also supports the theories about Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation interpreted from archeological findings. This in-depth interview addresses what might be the most shocking and profound secret of them all; the possibility that the entire Human Race was created by Extraterrestrials and is a
Hybrid species.



Secrets from the Underground volume 7

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Katherine Fiore'
Woman who believes she could be an Alien-Human-Hybrid
Volume 7

Humans who believe they are Alien Human Hybrids.
This VOD features a very rare and never seen before interview with a woman that could possibly be an Alien/Human/Hybrid.

Katherine Fiore' (pseudonym to protect her identity) is an active professional woman who travels all over the world for her business. "Katherine" has reason to believe that she is the offspring of an interaction between her mother and an alien. "Katherine" comes from a career Military Intelligence family and describes her encounter with what she believes was her
extraterrestrial father. She also shares on camera for the very first time, a detail description of her physical anomalies. She further dialogues with us on the implications of being a "Hybrid" and the possible purpose for the breeding of a new race on our planet


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