Secrets from the Underground

Volume 6

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HYBRID 101: Volume 6
Robert O. Dean
Hybrids & Military Coverup

See what shocking top secret information the government has covered up
about UFOs and the Alien-Human Hybrid phenomenon that is taking place in
the United States and Europe. . You will be mesmerized and enthralled by
this ex-military intelligence officer's personality and the provocative
information he shares in this never-seen-before interview .

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Be the investigator and view these revealing,
raw and personal interviews with experts and
eyewitnesses who have experience with the
current and alarming Alien/Human hybrid
phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews
with leading experts, scientists and icons from
the world UFOology, A must have for every
serious UFO investigator library.
7 part DVD series

Be the Investigator


Robert O. Dean
A  historic moment in UFO history

It is unknown exactly how Bob Dean came to acquire the
secret documents from SHAPE that exposes what the Military
Intelligence agencies know about the Extraterrestrial Agenda. 
There is much controversy about the origins of these documents
and whether they actually exist.   Top Secret materials are often
cloaked in controversy and used as disinformation strategies to
misdirect the public in case there is a leak.  With this in mind, this
interview with Robert O. Dean exposes some of the conclusions
that inside military personnel have been speculating about in
regards to UFOs in the United States and Europe. 
What is compelling is the data itself that Bob Dean presents,
which does correspond with the findings of numerous Scientists
and Experts in the UFO Community.  His information also supports
the theories about Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation interpreted
from archeological findings. This in-depth interview addresses what
might be the most shocking and profound secret of them all; the
possibility that the entire Human Race was created by
Extraterrestrials and is a Hybrid species.


Katherine Fiore'
Abductionn & Hyrbids & Art - Volume 7
Humans who believe they are Alien Human Hybrids.
This DVD features a very rare and never seen before
interview with a woman that could possibly be an



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