volume 3 Dr. Hurtak

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Be the investigator and view these revealing,
raw and personal interviews with experts and
eyewitnesses who have experience with the
current and alarming Alien/Human hybrid
phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews
with leading experts, scientists and icons from
the world UFOology, A must have for every
serious UFO investigator library.
7 part DVD series


HYBRID 101: Volume 3
James J. Hurtak Ph.D

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Science, Myth & Hybrids
(Rare Interview)

We are very honored to present this special DVD featuring Dr. Hurtak, the Founder and President of the Academy for Future Science. He is one of the very top respected Scientists and Researchers in the UFO field. He is also author of over twenty books and editor of Consciousness, Energy, and Future Science. This DVD edition  is part of our “advance” material on abductions and hybrids.

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An interview with leading Scientist,
and UFO Paranormal Expert James J. Hurtak

7 DVD Set


Dr. Hurtak Speaks about :
Lower and Higher Extraterrestrials
Species Hybridization
What do the aliens look like
The generic reprogramming of the human race
Our connection to the Genesis Experiment
Preparing for contact
Alien captured in Brazil
Extinction or Transformation of the Human Race
Sacred Language
Techniques for activation of body mind and spirit
The hidden variable in possibly overcoming negative
UFO  experiences

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