Secrets from the Underground  

Volume 1

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HYBRID 101: Volume 1
Budd Hopkins & Yvonne Smith
Psychiatry, Hypnotherapy and Hybrids

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Find out the secrets that these leading experts in the fields of Hypnotherapy have to say about their alien/human hybrid clients and the research they've gathered on this alarming phenomenon.


In this DVD you will find information about:

What is the most likely alien agenda.

Sperm Sampling and Vanishing Babies

Humility of Victimization.

Barney and Betty Hill - revealing the possible reason

for their abduction experiences.

Hypnotherapy as a tool to discovering alien abductions.

Case studies from East to West.

7 DVD Set

Be the investigator and view these revealing,
raw and personal interviews with experts and
eyewitnesses who have experience with the
current and alarming Alien/Human hybrid
phenomenon. Up close and personal interviews
with leading experts, scientists and icons from
the world UFOology, A must have for every
serious UFO investigator library.
7 part DVD series


Budd Hopkins & Yvonne Smith
A  historic moment in UFO history

One of the most approved ways of finding out if  you
have been abducted is through the professional help
of Psychologists and Hypnotherapists who specialize
in these matters. The experience is often traumatic
and  victims tend to sometimes repress  or deny their
abductions.  Budd Hopkins is one of the pioneers and
more experienced  therapists in this field. He lives in
New York and  handles cases of people abducted by
aliens  mostly on the East Coast. Over the years he 
has mentored Yvonne Smith  who practices her
hypnotherapy on the West Coast out of California.
Both have reviewed cases from all over the world .
This DVD is a never before seen, rare interview of
both of them together. Budd and Yvonne had just
returned form a  International  UFO conference in
Brazil and revealed to us  their discoveries of a
woman who had been abducted by aliens, impregnated,
then lost the fetus without explanation and no signs of a
miscarriage. Later during an abduction experience, she
was shown her Alien/Human Hybrid children.


volume 2

Steve Neill (visionary artist)
Abduction & Hyrbids & Art - Volume 2
Special effects artist and the creator of alien

images for BEYOND COMMUNION. Many of Steve’s
hauntingimages have sparked the past and current
alien merchandising craze. Steve portrays mystifying
abduction experiences through his chilling artwork.
This indepth, never-seen interview with one of the
icons of UFOlogy tells his abduction stories
through animation and illustrations that have been
sold world-wide. Steve shares a story with a
hybrid that he encountered and what the ramifications
of this hybrid race to humanity.







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